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Welcome to Birchwood Presbyterian Church! We are glad you’re here.

Welcome to Birchwood, as we who belong to this expression of the church of Jesus Christ usually call ourselves. Birchwood because our congregation’s heritage stems from that Bellingham neighborhood. And Birchwood because the Birch trees that greet you as you approach our current location hidden in the heart of the Cordata Neighborhood remind us that we are rooted in Jesus Christ. We exist because Jesus exists; that same Jesus who was born in Bethlehem, raised in Nazareth, taught and healed in Galilee and Judea, was crucified in Jerusalem, and rose from the grave…that same Jesus who is alive and still calls any and all of us to “Come, follow me!” We want to extend the hospitality of Christ to you and invite you to join is in following where Jesus leads us. We seek to be a worshiping community grounded in God’s love, centered on Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be a blessing to our world, our city, and one another. Will you come, and follow him with us?

-Greg Ellis, Pastor

What Can You Expect When You Come to Birchwood?:
•Someone will greet you as you enter our foyer, where you can enjoy fresh coffee and tea.
•From September to June, you are welcome to join us for our Education Hour at 9am.
•During our Sunday Worship, you can expect the service to last about 75 minutes. In that time, we will sing a few songs with a mix of traditional and contemporary worship. You will also have a chance to “pass the peace of Christ” and greet one another. Then a leader in the church will lead us in prayer and scripture reading before our Pastor speaks on a relevant and impacting topic that you can take with you into your week.
•Children grades K-5 are dismissed after the “Children’s Moment” to their Sunday School classes where they will have fun and enjoy activities and bible studies that are gospel-centered.
•You will have the opportunity to sign our attendance pad during the service so that we can get acquainted with you and join you in prayer or praise throughout your week.
•At the end of our Sunday Worship, you’ll get the chance to hear some of the great things that Birchwood is doing throughout the week and we would love to invite you to join us in any one of those.
•After service is a great time to connect with people over refreshments and cookies in the lobby area.

We would love to see you at our service! If you have any questions, please contact us.