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She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.  Proverbs 31:13

The purpose of the Meadowbrook Piecemakers is 1) to show our love to God, the people of Birchwood Presbyterian Church, and the community by making quilts and 2) to support each other and share our talents.  We make quilts for the new babies of BPC, foster children, pastors, people who have helped in the church, craft shows, and raffles for the Children’s and Youth Ministries.  We also have ongoing projects to make lap quilts for nursing home patients and collect material scraps for dog beds in shelters.  All are welcome; we meet the 4th Thursday of each month. Contact Connie Laakso, Carol Erickson, or the Church Office for more information and meeting times.

Worship Through Art

Rosie Harris Dad, heres one more        Rosie Lord of the Dance        Rosie's Easter Art

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.
We saw the glory with our own eyes….   John 1:14  The Message

While We May Walk by Faith, Not by Sight…Our Faith is Quite a Site!!!

by Rosie Harris
Note:  This is an excerpt of a longer article; click here to read the entire article. 

Why art, architecture, clothing design, paint palettes, skin tones and eye colors?  The gospel isn’t a theory we just want to drape casually with illustration or new paint, it is the skin-covered, color-drenched, living sculpture of God’s very first word…Light.  Jesus is the light of the world.  And, while we may not know exactly what He looks like for He chose to come to us the first time sans cameras, we must think of Him, depict Him as real as He is….

That’s what creativity in general means for all of us…expressing in all manners, the gospel of Christ….

My personal prayer for our Birchwood family is to discover the freedoms we’ve not only been given, but mightily enabled to use in creativity in all areas that build each other up.…

While many are laboring to discover the pastor God has in mind for our exciting future, several of us are earnestly chatting about offering classes, exhibits, and fellowship events to engage all ages in using their creativity, in the arts and beyond. Stay tuned to the Beacon, our website, and bulletin announcements [we’ll have contact information out shortly] and please pray for the Creator with the big “C” to show us as creators with little “c’s” what will help our body to soar like eagles….now that’d be a site indeed that our neighbors may want to walk over by faith to see!

Yes, He is Alive!

With creative gratitude,  Rosie Harris